'A' Exhibition

So if you didn't make it down to see Steve More and Remi/Rough's joint show (what were you doing that could possibly have been more important) here's some images courtesy of Amelia Jacobsen and Sven Davis....and a little film from Timid...as well as the catalogue in all its glory..
[issuu layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Flight%2Flayout.xml showflipbtn=true documentid=110203153051-79547e9a5e6045428fb9f5ded4ba0320 docname=a_more_rough_exhib username=stevemore loadinginfotext='A'%20An%20exhibition%20by%20Steve%20More%20%26%20Remi%20Rough width=540 height=304 unit=px]