Unfolding: Agents of Change Show in Marrakech

In early May six members of Agents of Change flew to Marrakech for the opening of the group show 'Unfolding' at the David Bloch Gallery

Marrakech appealed to us for two reasons. Firstly it was an opportunity to gain influence from a culture reputed for its excellence in arts and crafts, and although the location is off the 'normal' gallery circuit, they have built a strong reputation for showing quality work by artists who've progressed from a background in graffiti art.

Not wanting to disappoint, we pulled out the stops to produce a show worthy of its reputation and also showcase work by six members of the Agents of Change collective.

You can find more information on 'Unfolding' here

Photos of opening night below... 

Unfolding POSTER_A2_FINAL_OL.jpg

Opening Night:

(Photos courtesy of Amelia Jacobsen )