Rudimentary Perfection

And so to Scotland..and the Recoat Gallery in Glasgow...the 1st of July will see the opening of Rudimentary Perfection a Mark Lyken curated show of forward thinkers....the line-up of course includes some AoC the form of Derm and amongst the prestigious line-up

Remdog / The International Avante-Garde EP

As some of you may be aware Remi/Rough under his musical moniker Remdog provides the majority of the soundtracks for AoC's films...word reaches us straight from his mixing desk that there's a new EP ready to go...thought we'd give you a taste...and here's some words from the man himself..."So as part of my maneuvers into the more avant-garde, I have created a new collection of songs to soundtrack that move.'The international Avant-Garde EP' is a collection of 6 songs highly layered yet still minimalistic." Click the image for the sounds stored therein...

Where Is Wei Wei

Jaybo has initiated a campaign to highlight the disappearance and presumed detention by the Chinese state...Where Is Wei Wei is calling for artists to contribute work and raise awareness of the actions of the chinese government..Jaybo's the piece The Cell was placed in Berlin this week and the rest of AoC have also got involved...




3 Kings

Remi/Rough and System have been planning this wall for the past 18 months and finally got around to doing it. It’s their homage to the masters – Dondi White, Jean Michel Basquiat & RammellZee. We've shot a short about it's creation alongside DocuMovie so look out for that next the meantime you'll have to make do with these...

More book appearances....Cedar Lewisohn's Abstract Graffiti

Agents make a significant appearance in Abstract Graffiti from Cedar Lewisohn.....images from Remi/Rough and Timid....and in depth conversations with Juice 126 (Let It Bleed) and System (A Brief History Of Spray Paint). We've only just got our hands on this but following a quick flick on the tube it looks to be up to Cedar's usual high standards in writing and image selection...

Now there are 10......

It's with uncommon pleasure and great fanfair that we welcome our great friend and Berlin connection..the one and only Agents of Change. Take some time to have a look at some of his images over on our Artists page and please play nicely with the new member the rest of you...

'A' Exhibition

So if you didn't make it down to see Steve More and Remi/Rough's joint show (what were you doing that could possibly have been more important) here's some images courtesy of Amelia Jacobsen and Sven Davis....and a little film from well as the catalogue in all its glory..
[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=110203153051-79547e9a5e6045428fb9f5ded4ba0320 docname=a_more_rough_exhib username=stevemore loadinginfotext='A'%20An%20exhibition%20by%20Steve%20More%20%26%20Remi%20Rough width=540 height=304 unit=px]

'A' An exhibition by Steve More & Remi/Rough

You have exactly one week to clear your diaries for the first show of the year from some of our number. 'A' An exhibition by Steve More & Remi/Rough opens at the Blackall Studios on 1st February...expect abstraction.....future pespectives....and blown minds.... ‘A’ is a dedication to the abstract, ‘A’ invites you to search inside the visions of these two artists who far from being antagonistic seem to be complimentary and inseparable. ‘A’ is a choice, experimenting with the limited space of canvas. ‘A’ is something that comes to life spontaneously through contrast, is plastic at the same time as psychic and pervades both the picture and the eye of the spectator with conceptions of new and unfamiliar elements. ‘A’ is the joy of mistakes. Jaybo


Steve More


Steve More

Agents in America

It may be cold enough to free the cytoplasm in your eyeballs here in the UK but Remi/Rough and Stormie Mills have been working on their tans and a few walls in Miami for the Fresh Produce show..part of Art Basel and put on by the good people at Graffiti Gone Global...bask in the glory of these images..

Good to catch up with Augustine Kofie again....

Remi/Rough screenprint

Today sees the launch of the first ever 'official' screen print release, Phenomenology 0.1, from Remi/Rough through Laura McNamara Ltd Phenomenology is as close to a Remi/Rough original as print can get. The textures and layers have been meticulously put together to have a direct dialogue with his paintings.The screen print is 4 colours, 76cm x 76cm and is an edition of 50 only! All editions are signed and numbered by Remi/Rough. The prints are  retailing at £125.

Untitled III

It's been a little over a year since we completed the Ghostvillage Project and the publicity and interest just keeps on growing...the project has made it into hardback print now with the release of Untitled III - This Is Street Art....we have 4 double pages in there. So if you've got a £20 in your wallet it's well worth splitting'll have change to buy us a couple of flat whites from Monmouth....thanks to Gary from Untitled for hooking us up and photographers Ian Cox, Alex Scaglia and Richard Kenworthy for contributing the images...

Remi/Rough @ Wahaca

You like Mexican food right ? Well we do and it's not uncommon to find us in Wahaca gorging ourselves on fish tacos and when they contacted Remi/Rough with a proposal that he bring the colour to the walls of their new place in Wardour St there was but one's some shots of the finished product...

New Agent

...and that new Agent is Stormie Mills....bask in the glory of these images from the man currently residing in Perth...Western Australia

RZO is 10

As you all know French Agent LX.One is the man behind RZOStore and incroyably it's been around for 10 glorious years. To mark this most important of occasions LX picked up his paint and invited Remi/Rough, Antistatik, and Charles Monteverdi to attack a wall with him in Strasbourg....behold the components.... and the results... click image below to go large