The Ultimate Agent Of Change

Jaybo Monk “Useless” at Circle Culture Gallery Hamburg

In his solo show “USELESS”, Jaybo Monk takes a closer look at exactly the dissolution of this term, in order to stage familiar objects in a new context. His objects and paintings, presented in the Hamburg branch of the Circle Culture Gallery, are rooted in the Dadaist tradition and on a quest for one thing above all: the poetry of uselessness.

Lokiss - The First Screenprint “IDEOLOGY 01″

Lokiss just dropped his First Screenprint “Ideology 01″ with Ateliers Fantome today. The 8 color screenprint showcases the French Progressive Pioneers abstract and aggressive style. There is a paper edition with a second special Metal version. You wont want to miss this release if you are a fan of not only Lokiss but also the progressive abstract style of this pioneer. Get one HERE.

Exhibit Z at Library Street Collective, Detroit

Remi/Rough has two brand new paintings in this stellar line up of a show in Detroit.
The show is part of the massive launch of the Z Lot mural project, which all the below artists and Remi were part of…

For more information and price list –

Three The Hard Way

On November 7th Agustine Kofie, Jerry Inscoe and Christopher Derek Bruno gathered at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland, Oregon to exhibit all new works for the anticipated Three the Hard Way opening. 

While the three artists have shown together previously in group shows with other artists, this was the first time the three artists have shown together as a small collective. The stage was set for an interesting mix with each artist bringing their unique and original style to the gallery and spanning three generations of a Graffiti writer's approach to fine art. Jerry Inscoe was born and bred in the early 80's Graffiti culture on the east coast of the US, fast forward to Kofie caming from the 90's era LA Graffiti scene, and CDB emerging as a force to be reckoned with as a writer with a contemporary look at Graffiti in the early 2000's. 

The three artists decided to hang their work salon-style to accommodate all the work that needed to be hung. They mixed their work together instead of separating themselves apart, and the result was perfect. With a large wall at the back of the gallery the three artists worked together to create a large sculptural mural than was easily a highlight of the show. 

For more images and information regarding the show please visit the blog posting on Graffuturism about the opening.


Remi Rough releases #roughsketches book

Our very own Remi Rough has release a labour of love in the form of a 124 page book of his black book drawings from 1996 up until present day. 

The book is limited to only 100 editions and all are signed and numbered by the man himself and available to purchase this very moment from -

There is also another super limited edition of only 25 blue covered versions that come with a lovely original painting on paper. Alas these are only available from the Moniker Art Fair this coming Thursday.

Get busy...


Unfolding: Katoubia Mural

In the run up to our 'Unfolding' show at the David Bloch Gallery last month, we managed to paint a quick collaboration on the wall in front of the old Katoubia Hotel in Guéliz. It was great fun to paint the neighbourhood and drew a lot of interest (and a little help) from the locals who probably thought us crazy to be out painting in the 45ºC heat.

 (Photos courtesy of Amelia Jacobsen & Remi Rough)


Unfolding: Agents of Change Show in Marrakech

In early May six members of Agents of Change flew to Marrakech for the opening of the group show 'Unfolding' at the David Bloch Gallery

Marrakech appealed to us for two reasons. Firstly it was an opportunity to gain influence from a culture reputed for its excellence in arts and crafts, and although the location is off the 'normal' gallery circuit, they have built a strong reputation for showing quality work by artists who've progressed from a background in graffiti art.

Not wanting to disappoint, we pulled out the stops to produce a show worthy of its reputation and also showcase work by six members of the Agents of Change collective.

You can find more information on 'Unfolding' here

Photos of opening night below... 

Unfolding POSTER_A2_FINAL_OL.jpg

Opening Night:

(Photos courtesy of Amelia Jacobsen )



Unfolding: The Artwork

We're in the final week of the Agents of Change group show 'Unfolding', which closes on 8th June. For those of you who couldn't make it along to the exhibition, we've uploaded the artwork. (See below.)

For more information on the work please contact David Bloch Gallery.

Carlos Mare

'Sans Titre 1' – Carlos Mare

'Sans Titre 3' – Carlos Mare

'Sans Titre 2' – Carlos Mare

Remi Rough

'Equilibrium I' – Remi Rough

'Equilibrium II' – Remi Rough

'Equilibrium III' – Remi Rough

'Equilibrium IV' – Remi Rough

'Equilibrium V' – Remi Rough

Steve More

'Black Syntax (ii)' – Steve More

'White Syntax (v)' – Steve More

'White Syntax (iv)' – Steve More

'Black Syntax (iii)' – Steve More

'White Syntax (ii)' – Steve More

'White Syntax (iii)' – Steve More


'Protrusions in 6061 0.1' – Derm

'Protrusions in 6061 0.2' – Derm

'Protrusions in 6061 0.3' – Derm

'Protrusions in 6061 0.4' – Derm

Jaybo Monk

'Anaesthesy For Aesthete' – Jaybo Monk

'As Large As Alone' – Jaybo Monk

'Never Kiss a Knife' – Jaybo Monk

'Disorder' – LX One

'Organised Confusion' – LX One

Sculptures en pin – LX One

'Pavillon Royale' – LX One

Jerry Inscoe joins Agents of Change

Our long term friend and sometime collaborator Jerry Inscoe has joined AoC with immediate effect...don't know his work ?..then gain enlightenment here