Jason System (UK) www.400ml.com

“Everyone did fanzines, t-shirts and tried to get a show together or just get noticed. You started off illegally because that was the only way we could do it. Take the walls by force.” -Jason McFee

Quiet, composed and the most eloquent Agent in the group, System’s (Jason McFee) artistic style can be illustrated by the way he converses. Carefully thought out and full of lustrous detail. Having grown up on comics, inspired by British 2000AD and artists Mike McMahon, Kevin O’Neil and Brian Bolland, System immersed himself in everything graphic-art related. His style was soon defined with a love of hip-hop, breakdancing, album covers and movie posters. 


As a teenager he constantly updated a sketchbook of favourite letters and artwork. Not until Channel 4 screened the Style Wars documentary did everything come together. From then on in, this young British artist was obssessed by anything and everything graffitti related. Around 1989, System decided to go against his own ideas of conforming to traditional graffitti and went his own way. Through developing his own style, he met Remi/Rough and Tim/Timid during the Ikonoklast Movement, painting together between 1990 and 2001 before forming AoC. Working with characters, biomechanical styles and Japanese influenced art in his spray paint, Jason/System works as an illustrator and texture artist for computer games.