Lx.one ( France) www.lxism.com

"Every form is a base for colour, every colour is the attribute of a form." - Victor Vasarely

LX ONE is not interested in formally offensive linguistic experiments, he does not want to emphasize what is already done , he does not turn his visions in poems like concrete poets do.

LX ONE explores the pixel, the smallest , he researchs the base of the form , the skeletons of colors. He disserts around the chant of geometrie:  the noise of shapes , a system of tensions in the free space , a response to our architecture ,urbanism and design. By bringing a breeze from Piet Mondrian and Vasarelly to our walls, LX ONE decided once to follow the only absolutes in life: vertical and horizontal lines .

In 1910 the Neoplasticians believe that art should be conceptualize in his fullest , using planar elements and color blocks, where lyricism, dramatic, symbolism, and simple narration were turned off . the image should have none other meaning than itself.

In the mid 90´s LX ONE  is modulating his graphic talents into the science-fiction world of grids, checkerboard grids, isometric, hexagon grids; decomposing the letter form in its purest version . He is travelling  between plain and empty space using the colors as a bridge. 

Following the graffiti tradition he gives us a three dimensional plastic illusion which confuse and attack the vision, cellular structures , axonometric cubes , unassignable volumes and the ambiguity of the form itself. His successfull evocation of movement , light and shadows , through colors changes and his illusionary, unreal spaces are created through this alternate mode of seeing . In his theater of reality the world had no limitations. 

LXone is a geometrical alpinist, riding infinity on the bridge of shapes, over the cascade of unknown universes ,following his violent desire to explode in parallele universe and navigating a wild solitude into a new martial art : the LX-Ism.

– Jaybo Monk, 2012.